Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India

Colorants and chemical formula keys are prepared by a coordinated effort between the laboratory and production personnel utilizing the raw materials data. The various tests and processes that we undertake to ensure the consistent quality and performance of our products.

Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are prepared with test data and provided to the customer. All COAs are stored for future reference.

The ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities and strict adherence to quality regulations enable Red Sun Dye Chem to produce premium quality dyestuff. that strongly meets each customer requirements as well as international quality requirements.

At Red Sun Dye Chem, every finished product is analyzed for the strength, solubility, color fastness, color tone, color quality and many other attributes at Red Sun Dye Chem laboratories, where different tests are performed, including light fastness, washing fastness, filtration, solubility, drawdown comparisons, particle size measurement, viscosity measurement and competitive product comparisons. Only. the highest quality dyestuffs are approved for sale to customers, whereas materials below the certain quality level are rejected.


Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India

After packing samples evaluation on random of 15 to 20% Each supply.

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