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Red Sun are biggest manufacturers and exporter of dyestuffs in India And also supplier in India.

Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India

Red Sun Dye Chem has more than 24 years of expertise and advanced technology to perfectly control the strength, shade and physical properties of colors as per customer requirement… and produce the premium quality dyestuff that not only matches customer color shade requirement…, but also bring that attractiveness in the product. Mr. Rakesh Patel is a founder and a man behind the success of the Red Sun Dye Chem.., having 25 years of expertise in dyestuffs.., who established Red Sun Dye Chem in the year 2000 at Vatva, Ahmedabad…. The company is spread over 25000 square meter and well equipped with all the latest machinery and laboratory…, producing 3600 metric tons dyestuff per year…, which is projected to double in the coming years at the place of Saykha, Dahej.

Research, Development & Quality Control
Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India

Red Sun Dye Chem and Red sun colour Chem is known for its quality products in market. The Company is certified with ISO 9001-2008 certificate since long back. The Company has adopted quality management system with well-equipped quality control lab. The Company has its own R&D facilities in its modern lab for it progress as well as new product development work. The Company is planning to add some specialty products in market with help of its R&D department.

Environment, Health & Safety
Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India

Red sun Dye Chem & Red Sun Colour Chem has its own effluent treatment plant with latest evaporation facility of effluent. The Company has obtain ISO 14001 certification for its environment related efforts. The Company has membership in different types of common effluent facilities. Red Sun Dye Chem’s policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy environment and to follow operating practices to safeguard all employees and provide safe working condition too. The Company is certified with ISO 18001. A Health and Safety management system too.

The waste water… produced during the manufacturing is treated through in house evaporation based effluent treatment plant and… an effluent treatment cluster of Vatva GIDC… and for this environment related efforts.., Red Sun Dye Chem has earned ISO 14001 certification…

To maintain the consistent quality of dyestuff.., frequent inspection of the QMS is carried out, whereas periodical training is conducted to educate employees on the latest technology, the latest development and customer feedback.

Group Of Companies
Best Color Cosmetic Manufacturer India
  • Red Sun Dye Chem ( Vatva GIDC Phase : IV Ahmedabad )
  • Red Sun Colour Chem ( Vatva GIDC Phase : II Ahmedabad )
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