Caramel Colours

Types Of Caramel Colours
  •  Type I Caramel Colours
  •  Type II Caramel Colours
  •  Type III Caramel Colours
  •  Type IV Caramel Colours
  • Caramel colour or caramel colouring is a water-soluble food colouring. It is prepared by controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates, with or without chemical compounds, in a process called caramelization. Caramel Colour is Yellowish Brown to Blackish Brown Colour produced by heating food grade carbohydrates like Corn Syrup or Sugar in a controlled environment in the presence of alkalis.

    Caramel Colour Having Four Classes As Below :
  •  E150a - Class I: Plain Caramel Colour
  •  E150b - Class II: Caustic Sulfite Process Caramel Colour
  •  E150c - Class III: Ammonia Process Caramel Colour
  •  E150d - Class IV: Sulfite Ammonia Process Caramel Colour
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